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Return-To-Play Guidelines

Covid-19 Update

Return-To-Play Guidelines


Coach Responsibilities

  • Follow all Return to Play protocols
  • Send players home if they are not feeling well
  • Provide adequate physical distancing at all times
  • Ensure players are not sharing water / equipment
  • Wear a face mask when coaching
  • Only the coach handles equipment
  • Be understanding of parents/players that may delay returning to play

Parent Responsibilities

  • Check your child’s temperature before any team related event
    • Players with temps above 100F are exempt from practices/games/activities
  • Notify your club immediately if your child becomes ill
  • Ensure your child has sanitizing products and plenty of water in their bags
  • Stay in car or adhere to social distance requirements at practices
  • Masks are required on the sidelines if unable to adhere to social distancing guidelines; please set-up at least 12ft from the touchline at games
  • Ensure handwashing takes place before and after every training session
  • Ensure clothes and equipment are sanitized before and after every training session/game

Player Responsibilities

  • Bring and use hand sanitizer
  • Be open and transparent with coach
  • Place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart from other players
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food, or bags
  • No group celebrations, high-5s, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.
  • Respect and practice physical distancing
  • Wear a mask to and from practice areas and on the bench during a game
  • Wash hands thoroughly and immediately after practice/games
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after practice/games

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